The dr seuss biography for kids

dr seuss biography for kids

dr seuss biography for kids
dr seuss biography for kids

Dr. Seuss Facts

dr seuss biography for kids : we’re going to go over ten interesting dr. Seuss facts number ten dr. Seuss was not a doctor he never acquired this title in any field of study

he only got a doctorate until an honorary was granted to him by his alma mater darf mph in 1956 he used it in his pin name simply because his father wanted him to practice medicine number 9 he did not always use the name Seuss even though it was his mother’s maiden name the reason

he began using Seuss was because he was caught with a gin in his dorm room and was asked to step down as editor of his college dark mouth humor magazine to continue working on it he would have to change his name to Zeus his original name was Theodore Giselle memory he wrote books for children but he was not very fond of children not that he hated them or anything it’s just he was not a type of man with the patience to be around them number 7 not all his books

were successful at first he struggled to find a publisher he was rejected by 27 publishers and so finally he found one in 1937 number 6 dr. Seuss had a big impact on pop culture he was the first person recorded to use the word nerd in his book if I ran the zoo number five he created propaganda cartoons for the US Army he was commander of the animation department of the first motion picture department of the unit of the United States Army Air Force number four the book green eggs and ham was a result of the bet his editor

bet Seuss couldn’t write a book only using 50 words but in the end he actually did end up writing this book number three he teamed up with the animation legend to create How the Grinch Stole Christmas that legend was Chuck Jones who worked on Looney Tunes even to this day the Grinch is aired annually each Christmas number two

dr. Seuss won two Academy Awards for an animated short gerald mcboing boing in 1951 as well for a documentary designed for deaf this man was indeed talented number one his first wife’s suicide because of a growing relationship with another woman she felt she was unable to live without him she however had been battling cancer for thirteen years

dr seuss biography book

dr seuss biography for kids

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